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Now I'm at the University, working on my homepage and in my phD thesis. Since now, everyday, I'll come here after work (I get out from work at 15:30 and I arrive UEM at 16:10), and I'll be working in AINet or my phD thesis related stuff until 20:00 where I go to the gym, and from there to my house at 21:15 more or less. It seems a hard day but is the only way to work after work ;)


This saturday I went to Valencia because it was Julia's birthday. I went with Myke, Chemita and Diego (Bolo man) and we met there with Javi (the one from Palencia) and David & Reyes (the cracks from Lugo). There were also more Julia's friends and we started the party the Saturday at 18:00 pm and returned to Madrid at Sunday's night.
I enjoyed a lot with my friends and the music, I had to say I was in a more or less "relaxed" state of mind. The only thing I didn't like was a lot of girls were lesbians...grrrr I like lesbians only when they want to have sex with me :P
As I was dressed as ever I go to a party some people thought I was a gay (it doesn't matter to me) and someone said I moved my ass very sensualy when I dance...I think it's a good thing because I'm very proud about my way of dance house music :D I only whish the next time a non-lesbian girl to say something like this to me....hehehe.


Actually I'm working on a paper for the ISCC conference (from IEEE) which would be hosted in La Manga del Mar Menor the next year. It seems to be a big conference and if my paper is accepted it would be really great. The final submision is on 24th November, there's no much time and I need to work hard on it.
Chema couldn't send the wordnet paper to the ECIR 'cause he has to present a work previous to his thesis, and then we will work to send it to the NLDB which this years is holded in Alicante (this is really a good year for spanish researchers in computer science as some important conferences are holded in Spain).
I also want to work hard for having a good paper for the ECML which would be holded on Porto (Portugal) on October 2005. ECML is the greater Machine Learning Conference in Europe and this would be a cheap opportunity to present a good paper.

Bad days

Grrrrr...this is a real bad day. I don't know EXACTLY why but I would like to sleep forever until now. I hate this life.

Lifes...and lifes...

A foreign girl is sitted on a bank. She is really tired 'cause whe has to work 18 hours a day to earn the enough money to buy the neccesar thing to eat and live but she is happy. The first thing she can remember about her childhood was about his father kicking her mother and herself due to the alcohol. When she arrived Spain she had to work as a hooker, crying after each client had finished with her, crying because she had no future, no legal situation in this country, and no possibilities to go to any other place. Trying to go out from that hard life, she started to work as a servant in the house of very rich people. At the beginning she earned no money, she worked only for something to eat and somewhere to sleep, and that wasn't bad at all, but not enought to help her family that was so far away. She asked for some money to the people she worked to, but the only she obtained was some coins, as she were a little children that wanted to buy some candies.
She worked in some other houses, and other jobs, but what she earned was only enough for a day by day life. Now she was sitted on a bank, waiting a bus for going home. Tired but happy because in her new job she could earn enough for sending some euros to her familiy, a quantity not enough here for a dinner in a normal restaurant, but enough for her family to life some weeks. She was happy because the life seemed to let her a oportunity....
In front of the bank a richman was sad...why? even he didn't know, he had money but no need to fight. He was thinking about how unfair was to pay for a Mercedes car and had to wait some months for having it...really a problem.
This is the life, who works harder every day obtains almost nithing and who has all he thinks he needs, reaally doesn't knows how hard the life is.

Why the left way?

Why not? Why ever the right way? Why ever the most the people do is what you should do? I'm really tired about this. I don't like the way the society imposes to me, I like to decide what to do in each moment, and if anyone doesn't understand what I choose I can only say...respect to me 'cause I respect you. I can't understand the established ways but I respect them.