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I discovered today the Blogger Widget for Dashboard and it seems useful. This is a proof post using this widget.


XAMPP is a ready to install package containing the most important server programs for a internet server (apache, mysql, php, openssl, phpmyadmin, mercury mail, etc.). Extracted from their webpage:

"Many people know from their own experience that it's not easy to install an Apache web server and it gets harder if you want to add MySQL, PHP and Perl.

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use - just download, extract and start.
To install XAMPP you only need to download and extract XAMPP, that's all. There are no changes to the Windows registry (not true if you use the Windows installer version of XAMPP) and it's not necessary to edit any configuration files. It couldn't be easier!

To check that XAMPP is working some sample programs are included, there is a small CD collection program (written in PHP using MySQL) and a small guest book software (written in Perl) and several other demonstration utilities.

If you decide that XAMPP isn't needed any more just delete the XAMPP directory and it's completely removed from your system. "


Nowadays, study at the University is like have the driving license, something everybody says you are almost forced to, but it's possible you don't really need it. The University should continue being a place for those who want to have a really good background in one area, those who want to be researchers or teachers, but nowadays the University is more a professional School than the knowledge center it was. I think we need more professional schools for the 95% of the people that are not really interested in a knowledge area and only go to University to obtain a degree for obtaining a better work, and the University should return to be a place where you must learn, not pass some exams, a place where if needed you must stay years and years until you are a really master in some knowledge area.

In conclusion: less private universities, more professional schools, less Bolognia and more intelligence.



Everybody talking about lost, every blog writing about lost, Montse all day long talking about Lost...and I didn't want to see that tv serie just because it was like something you must see and I don't like to do what I must do...

Finally I saw some chapters and I must recognise Lost is one of the best series ever. Action, mistery, and a lot of very interesting personages...and Locke, one of the best personages appeared on a tv-serie ever.


I love Snickers!!!! (thanks to the beautiful girl that brought them up to me ;) )

Ati, poor little ferret

Ati is one of my ferrets. She is a female ferret, is two years old and her name is a contraction from Atticus, the name Montse wanted for one of our children...but Ati is more or less like a children to me. Three weeks ago, I carried Ati to the veterinarian 'cause Ati had a little bulk at her back, which I had been cleaning during some weeks and it didn't dissapeared. The veterinarian said it could be an infection, but after 10 days with antibiotics and no getting better, the veterinarian said it was a tumour and operated her. Now we are waiting the results of the analytic to discover if there is some possibilitie for Ati to get better.

Ati, I love you. You are a little beign who represents a lot of good things. You've helped me to get better and, I feel really bad knowing you can loose your life in this way.

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